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Fire Door Compliance

Effective fire doors show legal responsibility for building safety.

Fire doors are an essential part of fire protection and safety in any given building. Constantly used by those in a building to have access to rooms, colleagues and other work areas, fire doors need regular maintenance to remain effective in their protection.

The inspection and maintenance of each fire door and door set is vital. Not only can they prevent fires from spreading, minimise risk and save lives, but also demonstrate that all necessary steps have been taken in compliance with legal responsibility. Properly maintained fire doors can make a critical difference for building and personal safety in the event of a fire.

i-Doors will:

  •   Carry out professional inspections
  •   Allow for the highest quality checks and thorough information analysis
  •   Integrate the complexities of fire doors, door sets and components
  •   Bring all issues of non-compliance to your attention
  •   Maximise the effectiveness of your maintenance budgets
  •   Give you unique access to planning your required maintenance
  •   Repair all doors, door sets and components
  •   Record all details for your maintenance history
  •   Ensure all maintenance and repairs will meet the standards required

Fire door protection compliance shows you have met legal obligations.
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