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The Cost Of Non Compliance

Inadequate upkeep of fire doors can result in personal injury, even death, as well as property damage and loss of business. Fire doors which are not properly maintained breach regulations, and those responsible are being prosecuted. Good maintenance helps protect and prove legal compliance.

There is a legal requirement for proper maintenance under the Fire Safety Order 2005. Breaches of this regulation are resulting in prosecutions, whether a fire has occurred or not. Enforcement and/or prohibition notices can be issued, while further non-compliance can see premises being closed, with the responsible person/s being fined and even facing imprisonment.

These legal regulations emphasise how important it is for fire safety doors and doorsets to be properly tested. Third-party certification of the manufacture, fitting and maintenance of all safety doors and doorsets is also crucial.

Prosecution cases
Two examples are given below which show how poor maintenance of fire safety doors and doorsets can result in enforcement notices and considerable fines.

  •   A fire at the Chumleigh Lodge Hotel, Finchley, London, in 2008 was found by London Fire Brigade fire safety inspectors to have   several significant safety regulation breaches including inadequately working fire doors. The trial in February 2012, thought to be   the first jury trial of a Fire Safety Order case, resulted in the company and director, Michael Wilson, paying more than £260,000 in   fines and costs.

  •   A fatal fire at a block of flats in Deptford, was found by London Fire Brigade to have serious breaches of the Fire Safety Order,   including "inadequate maintenance of fire doors" and "inadequate protection of an emergency route". Lewisham Homes Ltd, the   ALMO company managing the homes on behalf of Lewisham Council, were served with an enforcement order.

How fire doors protect

In the event of a fire, fire doors:

  •   provide a safety barrier from fire, minimising the spread of fire and smoke damage.

  •   prevent an air supply that fuels a fire.

  •   form part of an escape route.

It is crucial that fire safety doors and doorsets are regularly and properly manufactured, installed, maintained and inspected if they are to perform all these tasks effectively.

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