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About i-Doors

i-Doors helps you comply with legal fire protection regulations. This includes the maintenance, repair and working effectiveness of all fire doors, door sets and components.

By prolonging the working life of your fire door and door sets, i-Doors also reduces your costs over time.

i-Doors integrated technology will allow you to manage your fire door budget, choose the most suitable accessories and bespoke designs, and give you full control in meeting legal requirements.

You will get an itemised list of any requirements with costs, and you can decide how best for the work to be carried out.

i-Doors :

  •   Can carry out a survey to build your asset database of all doors and door sets.

  •   Creates a door schedule, as required by Regulatory Reform (2005).

  •   Combines comprehensive checks over many different categories for each inspection.

  •   Provides unique references for each door set with barcode identification is required.

  •   Enables door set identification to assist in cost-effective and ongoing maintenance plans.

  •   Records all details as they are uploaded, building an ongoing history of inspection results.

  •   Creates a database of all details and inspection results.

  •   Each door schedule gives clear information of the history, fire protection compliance and ongoing maintenance costs for analysis.

  •   Highlights areas of fire protection non-compliance for your prioritisation and budget control.

  •   Clearly demonstrates the type of problem identified.

  •   Updates records as evidence for Fire Inspectors and other external organisations such as Building Control.

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