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Properly maintained fire doors might be the only barrier between you and your organisation having legal responsibility for damage from fire. This responsibility is required by the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 for identifying fire risks and having professional inspections undertaken every six months.

  •   i-Doors inspection, maintenance, repair and supply services enable you to show you have taken the proper responsibility for   controlling and minimising fire risks.

  •   i-Doors brings you the latest technology for a one stop shop solution to Fire Door maintenance. With your legal responsibility to   meet - the knowledge your fire doors work properly and comply with safety regulations, this will help give you peace of mind.

  •   i-Doors is the technology used by iTegrate as part of our fully integrated solution – you will have your fully integrated online portal   updated by our systems. We are partnered with John Porter Ltd and tdsl (Timbmet Door Solutions Limited) as our main suppliers   and partners.

  •   Your organisation has full control with a log-in to the i-Doors website, where all details are stored for your own access, including:

  •   Survey of all door assets
  •   PPM inspection of all individual door requirements
  •   history of all doors and materials supplied
  •   history of all supplies fitted
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